Becoming a dealerSincere cooperation / mutual benefit and win-win results

Sales of products company to direct sales and distributors and sales combination, warmly welcome the intention of dealers to join, to achieve the complementary channels and distributors of our products and technology advantages, to achieve win-win cooperation. We will provide dealers with perfect support services and excellent products.

Services to dealers mainly include:

Details of all
1.Products, exquisite brochure.

2., Full range of pre-sales and after-sales technical support.

2. Product application industry and field detailed introduction and analysis, product and related knowledge training.

4.Professional sales support, assist dealer bidding process in the tender making, answer the tender process of differential heat, thermal analysis of technical problems.

5. Provide dealers with competitive price and ensure the interests of dealers and end-users.

6., Provide strategic framework agreements to achieve complementary advantages.

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